From in the gym - Great app for strength training. Leave your phone wherever and just record results on your pebble. I have been using gym apps for years and have now switched to this

Howard H. - 5 Stars on Google Play

Darn you, Ii was going to skip the gym this week. Now I have no excuse not to go ;-)

Amanda P.

Good app. Some limitations. Need way to create super sets. Also, weight should be able to increase in decimal or fractions.

Sam D. - 4 Stars on Google Play

It is an excellent start. Thank you first for the rapid response! The app is well designed and easy to figure out.

Nathan LP - 4 Stars on Google Play

FeaturesCustom workouts with your Pebble Watch


Minutes Exercised


Gym sessions


Weight lifted in the last 48 hours (kg/lbs)

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